Our mission is to be Your Easy Genetics Laboratory. Whether you are in Lisbon, Porto, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Cordoba, etc, we want to provide you (a patient, a doctor, a scientist, a veterinary professional or a student) an easily crossable bridge. We intend to create a fluid flow of your samples, data and information, supported by solid laboratories and high-qualify staff from STAB VIDA, always with the main purpose to give you the results you need.

SBS Genetech

Beijing SBS Genetech was founded in 1994; with headquarter in Shangdi Hi-Tech Industry Park, Beijing. The company has two modern facilities — one is in Beijing and the other is in Shanghai. Since its founding, SBS Genetech has been keeping a leading position in biological industry in China. Beijing SBS Genetech was one of the earliest Chinese companies providing custom oligonucleotides synthesis and custom peptide synthesis, and have obtained popularity among our customers in later years.

Besides providing custom oligonucleotides and peptide synthesis services, SBS Genetech also offers the following products: DNA synthesis products, nucleic acids isolation & purification kits, DNA molecular weight markers, PCR-Related Products, RNA-Related Products, Protein-Related Products, gene manipulation products, biochemical, pre-made primers, and microtubes & tips. With its remarkable characteristics, SBS Genetech has acquired a leading position in such fields.

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