About Us

Amplicon Ltd. is a distributor of scientific bench-top equipment, consumables, custom services, chemical and biological reagents for life science/biotech/pharmaceutical research in Hungary. We are the exclusive distributor for brands like FineTest, McLab and subdistributor of Opentrons and BioXcell.

Products we supply include genetics reagents, NGS library prep kits, cell lines, primary cells, proteins, antibodies, ELISA kits, tissue culture products, and a liquid handling robot. Amplicon is a family business, established by my wife and me in January 2017. We have more than 10 years of research experience and 5 years sales experience in research and diagnostics, on genetics and cell culture area.

Our Mission 

We aim to be a major supplier of Science-related products for research and industrial applications. To achieve our goal, we put our customers’ needs and satisfaction above all, we offer you all our capability, capacity and knowledge to find a product that meets your highest expectations for an affordable price.

Peter Kisfali, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Us

Address: 7630 Pécs, Finn u 1/1.
Phone: +36 30 275 2291
E-mail: info@amplicon.hu